Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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"Been shot at twice but never hit//I just miss lead"

The Gatalog "Blao!"

Primo's 4 Course Meal... the entire track is one sick ass punchline after another.


One of my favorites tho:


Locked in the bing im stickin COs wit ox's/

shoulda been a postal worker/

puttin POs in boxes

"I really love it when these bitches start cursin at me, its like they're swarin to god dont take it personally" -SMD
yo fuck that niggas wanna rumble with us they gonna see stomachs and guts as soon as we bust

"Well if 50 got shot nine times and ain't die,Ima shot your ass 50 times with 99 nines"

"No hands and no feet, you lucky to be crawling off"

-Time to rock

Just noticed I posted a couple things that were already up. All g. That speaks of their rawness. Here's more from "No Place like Chrome"-SMD (I'm partial to this album)

"Wild'in out, knockin' out Jake, breakin' his jaw//now that's what the fuck I call: layin' down the law//World renowned king of punchlines, grimy rap, gangster shit//spit harder than a nervous gun with anxious clips"

Many good lines as expected =) Hard to choose though...

To start a track w/ "I'm always gettin' a suntan on my gunhand." is brilliant.

"What I blaze gets me oh-so higher, burn more white widow smoke than an old folks home on fire." might be no.1.

Some great ones already mentioned...

Respect from Sweden!

"And a year before your kids tenth birthday came you ain't have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flake" Seven
You bought my CD and you wanna battle me? All nervous

Servin' niggas 24/7, now THAT'S customer service
"Lift up that skirt and see just what type of guy you are
throw you off the fuckin' roof and see just how fly you are" -Diablos

Need help!


In the intro to one song, Celph goes, "Locking shit the fluck down". Anybody remember which song?


I've completely forgot and its killing me!

Your probably thinking of Styles aint raw, but it's towards the end of the song.






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