Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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In a year before your kids 10th birthday came/you didn't have to wait for the candles on the cake to see the 9's flame

" ill beat your dad beat dead , now he's a dead beat dad "


The pressure's on, and homeboy you know that you wack, I'll leave you hangin from a tightrope and cut you some slack.

Science of the Bumrush Vol.3

Take a toke of this, you wont be breathin well,

I'm all about biscuits and trees like a keebler elf.


Rapid-fire clap your messiah, but he aint comin back in three days,

construction crews built a crack house over that fags grave.


You can catch me gansta leanin on palm trees in palm heat,

that rips off your arm and make you get down on all threes.


My most prized possession is my knife collection,

all types of different slicin selections,

the nicest weapons from the Getright Reverand.

i think my favorite single line is


I already done heard enough of that faggot shit!

so good.

''I'm a monster in this game, I stay scheming, on Halloween I dress like a human being''

''My slugs are catchy tunes, you can't get them out of your head''

''My record label having conference calls about my behaviour, cause I write rhymes on my forearm with a rusty razor''

''The only way you could have a hit record is if I smacked it for you''

''The only way you represent the streets is if you got poured into the cement mix''







"I really stay on top of my game when I mac, 'cause I'm fucking your wife missionary style on a twister mat."

"Do a slut on my car seat, and show her my sex drive." 

"I pack enough heat to blow the mercury out the thermometer."

"Roll out the red carpet and make you blend in with it."

Most of the "good ones" have already been mentioned. Although these aren't weak, they're not exactly up to par with some of the others.

Hey guys, I noticed Lil Wayne has a trending topic about his wackest punchlines. So i wanna try and trend #CelphTitledBestPunchlines  you guys should help out and post his best ones on twitter.

"The Rubix Cuban's at ya door, but I ain't singin' no carols//I'm like Donkey Kong, I got you niggas dodgin' my barrels"

Eastern Philosophy
'Can't leave rap alone'

all lines on 'right now' are murder

cant believe noones mentioned "bring nuisance to the court room and have a hung jury"

The line is "Bring nooses to the court house and have a hung jury"... because he's hanging the jury, get it?

Sometimes I wonder if yall really understand the punchlines you post

yeah i get it.... otherwise it would hardly be a sick punchline
because hung jury is a term in law, but he means hes actually hanging the jury...... get it?

however nooses instead of nuisance does make more sense so good call






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