Can't really list all of them but some:

The closest you ever came to a punchline, is waitin for the freshman at the prom in 89'

I really stay on top of my game when I mack, cause I fuckin your wife missionary style on a twister mat.


List some of yours :)

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im in the bathroom with a tommy gun droppin gangster shit

''Throw you off that fucking roof and see just how fly you are''

''I rock mustard colored Timbs, the same ones that busted your chin''

''Fuck banana clips, I'm on some watermelon shit''

''Iced out grenade pendant, my chain is the bomb''

''Play me like it's chess and I'll smack you with a checker board''

''You do the math, I did the math teacher''

''In second grade I brought a live grenade to class for show and tell''


Well, there's more, just don't feel like writing all of them down right now, might do it later.

"I'll make you swallow the grenade, put the envelope in your hand and mail the pin to Afghanistan."


"And we out-standing, like Buckingham Palace guards, even if you're weaponless I'll still leave you unarmed."


"Leave you goin' out in style with Louis Vuitton body-bags"


"No rap beats or hooks, plus I heard your girl's camel-toe got athlete's foot."


"I'm militant; when I spit, put vendettas on hustlas
And after we battle, you'll be jammin' LeAnn Rhymes instead of Busta"


"And lethal sickness, that's undeniably uncanny
Fuck with me and end up the nanny for Jon-Benet Ramsey"

"Army Of the Pharaohs never make love songs/

we finger fuck bitches with freddy krueger gloves on/" 


"My battle axe acts as a last resort death kill/

quarentine your city it's about to be a lead spill/"


Gahh Celph is a fuckin punchline God...

"When I blaze it gets me oh so higher, burn more white widow smoke than an old folks home on fire."

"I'm a boss but I take orders, from gun exporters
Plus I got a keen sense for sniffing out tape recorders
You a snitch? We'll rape your daughter
And bring her down to the basement to tape record her
Get your best entertainment lawyer, cuz we about to extort ya
Fake thug, Tom Sawyer, yeah I saw ya, we'll saw ya
With the Black and Decker, slice savagely
I don't gotta use God's name in vain to get my soldiers to blasphemy
And I won't say I'm the best since Rakim and Pac and them
Better yet, I'm the best since Mozart & Bach and them"


Punch lines never done better!!

parkin with the barnacles and sharp articles, skin u limb to limb until u bone particlessss

sooo ill
Kidnap you in the basement with hatchets and cleavers
So every time after that you hearin' the Wu-Tang torture skit, and you havin a seizure
Fuck your street cred, I'll turn your street red
I'll skin the head of a skinhead
Celph Titled and ES raisin' hell without Pinhead
It's been said the Pharaohs immortalize rhymes
We kept heist plans in a trapper keeper -- that's organized crime
You might arrive in a stretch limo, tinted out
But you'll leave on a stretcher linen with no mouth, neck broken and ribs stickin' out
Pull the Pins out is a sick track . End of
"Walked into the church and let my motha fucking gun spray, pissed the fuck off cuz Chic-fi-a closed on sundays"

They say that cos I dont beleive in christ that im mislead

Been shot at twice but never hit, I just miss lead.

Celph titleds on some real insane sic shit,cut the president face off and rob a mothafuckin bank wit it,I sleep with a machete mothafucka I guns too that'll put holes in your torso big enuf to jump through






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