I really think so! Who else agrees?


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If you're a follower of the Underground Movement, downloading these mega-talented artist's albums is madness. I've bought a number of albums this year and really after listening to NNN, I was floored. You WANT to go into the pockets and support especially if it comes to sheer rawness from beginning to end like this album
It's between 1990now, Unholy Terror & Kill Devil Hills for me
I can easily agree that nineteen ninety now is album of the year! It takes me back to when music had substance. Every track is a banger.
yo mine was all late about it an shit in the mail, still fucks with it. i got my preorder on "The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson" and "Cats & Dogs" for now.
Damn, am I the only one who bought over twenty albums this year? There were some sick ass hip hop albums this year. And im not talkin no wack shit, im talkin Canibus, AOTP, Tech N9ne, Diabolic, Reef, Nas and Damian Marley, Big Boi, Vinnie Paz, 7LES, Big L's new unreleased shit, Murs, Eminem, Ill Bill, Black Milk, and of course Celph and much more. I hate people who pirate and download shit. Keep it comin Celph, do a show in Southern California soon, we got mad love over here!
rakaa dropped some ill shit too
My younger brother listens to nothing but rap from the 90's. I constantly see this kid listening to Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep (Shook Ones) on YouTube or whatever else so I can't think of a better Christmas gift for this true believer of 90's Hip Hop than this album. This album brought back head bobbin' status

this and diabolic,

I supported and bought it, got me a fucken shirt too.

yo celph, why isn't there a vinyl release of this?!

And yeah, also for me it's the ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

I agree brah






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