Aight so basically, if you smoking by yourself, how much weed do you use, what kind of wrap, long short, ect...

Myself, I like a nice .6 blunt of some NYC Diesel or some other nice shit, and I use vanilla Dutches and cut the outer leaf down the middle and use half of it, and I try to make it as long as possible without making it too tight.

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white owl grape. shittt when i spark up solo i usually smoke some regs lmao.
shit, I cant stand reggies, gives me a headache.
i feel you but yo all that other shit gets me so fucked up lmao still a youngin. damn i had some lime purple shit the other day i was tweaking out worse case i was on the clock and its a job where you have to communicate an shit i was like fuck man im not smoking this shit again.
Majority of joints is Silver Rizla in an L with Golden Virginia baki and about 1g of blueberry.
usually smoke around £20 gbp a day atleast.

I live in LA so we got some good shit. Usually wrap up 1.4 in a swisher. OG's.

Fuck king-sized Rizla papers, that's some weak-ass dolphin boy shit. Personally, I prefer a Dutch or Century Sam with about 1-2 G's of Sour Dies', Snowcap or Funky Monkey with a .3 hash snake dropped ontop of it. Rolls and smokes smooth as hell.

But then again, I prefer to just spark a bowl with some bubble hash on top.

Edit: holy fucking gravedig






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