" and all you squares cant fit inside my oval office" - demigodz is back

" my raps not for emo kids, my flame flower leave you bald head like chemo kids" -primos four course meal

 " im in the bathroom wit a tommy gun droppin gangsta shit" -so cold

" ill cast a pyramid hex and leave you dickheads covered in blood like period sex" -stop what ya doin

" i am a psycho, chainsaw on my gun like a gears of war rifle" - crazy man

" im a circus show sniper, i aim for the juggler" - all night

when i blaze gets me oh so higher, burn more white widow smoke then an old folks home on fire" -godzilla

"slicing pussies im a certified carpet cutter" - dump the clip

"i make evil knieval music, i come through stunting" - battle cry

" too much lighter fluid will do it, explode your whole chest, leave you black on both sides like we BBQing mos def" -who,what,when,where

"slice the throats of your whole clique til my palms heart and there will be more rednecks then a willie nelson concert" -diablos

JUST A SHORT LIST from off the top of my head.

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