Big respect to everyone and anyone who is a member for having some of the dope-est taste in music ever, but I gotta question, wheres the support from> Im from the UK, and for real we have no decent rappers on the scene at the moment. Dizee and that faggot tinie tempah just dont cut it, and im one of the few people i know that knows of Celph, Vinnie P, AOTP, Demigodz , SOB, GBC and the whole fucking underground scene in general , anyways im guessing everyone else is pourin it on from the US yeah?


Beta Tested

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Yep, I'm from the US...Pennsylvania to be exact. I'm a big fan of Celph and all his other clicks. By the way, you said your UK, have you heard of Life MC? He's from Phi-Life Cypher and he's dope as fuck

Haha, man you got Philly, you got Vinnie and Outerspace JMT, man the list is endless, our capital London has nothing. I havent heard of em, but ill hit it up, see whats what


Beta Tested

Yeah I'm glad I came across these guys, made me proud of my state, I was starting to think we didn't have any spitters at all, lol.

I first heard AOTP when I was 13, Linkin Park before that as well, so i found my way underground through AOTP and Fort Minor. Got me into SOB, Apathy and some other ill rappers. I gave PLC a quick listen, sounds alot like Outerspaces First album. Most of the lyrics are babbled, ill have to give it a thorough examination


Yo rev. That you rap name as well as our alias yeah? Reverend Glock I mean?

Indeed, they got them quick rhymes and shit, my favorite with Life is probably "Moviedrome", he uses all movie titles and actor names for six minutes, it's some crazy shit. PLC has a track like Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics" too. As for my tag, I'm not an emcee but it's a track by my favorite emcee Freddie Foxxx, I've been using it for a lot of my tags lately lol, it's kind of me paying homage to him

One of the crew sounds a little like Esoteric, and I know you disagree, but hes fucking dope, how can he be your least favourite demigod man, you cant put one above the other anyway, there all fucking swish.


Never head of Freddie Foxxx man, ill have to hit it up sometime, and at least your showing the respect so many emcees deserve, but dont get

Yeah I'd disagree lol, but I don't hate Esoteric either, I'm just iffy with him, I love a lot of his verses on AOTP and DGZ joints as well as his East Coast Avenger stuff but his voice gets on my nerves sometimes, don't know why.


Also, you never heard of that hip hop classic by Gang Starr called "The Militia"? That's like where everyone finds Freddie Foxxx even though he been doing it since like 1986. He rips that track for a minute and thirty seconds, which is why he's my favorite emcee and because of his raw delivery and his work with the likes of producers like Premier, Pete Rock, Alchemist, etc

Haha, I just gotta thing for his flow. But I guess you like whatcha like and all


Ive heard of the track mate, but to be honest my knowledge isnt massive on that era. I know what i know, but im always willin to learn !!

Haha word we all like what we like, but if you are looking for more emcees then check out the whole Gang Starr Foundation, which includes Freddie Foxxx, Afu Ra, Big Shug, Group Home, Jeru Tha Damaja, etc That's that real shit, along with some Blaq Poet and NYGz. Basically anyone who heavily worked with Gang Starr Through the nineties were in the foundation. If you enjoy Celph, the Demigodz, or Nineteen Ninety Now, then you should feel most of these cats. I'm only 18 and know a nice chunk of the artist from the nineties just by me finding a new artist through feature by feature lol

Yeah, the guy whose doing my production atm is into Gold Era west coast, NWA and Eazy E, so im lookin to buff up on the era from both coasts!


How long you been into rap mate?

since like 2002-2003 but I started out listening to Jay-Z, Eminem, G-Unit, and Beastie Boys. Then one day I bought Gang Starr "Full Clip: A Decade of Hits" and just kept digging deeper and deeper into Underground and Old School hip hop. Nowadays out of the four I listed, I'm only down with the Beasties because the rest are commercial bitches who don't give a damn about the culture, you know. Hip Hop has always been that escape for me, I can't just go turn my back on it like that. I freestyle for fun sometimes but fuck making money off of it, I'm a fan first

Ha, i know all of those, only the Beastie boys arent so big over here, but nah, i know what you mean, as soon as they sell out they seem too keen to let the standards slip, forget what its all about.


The first real stuff i got into was AOTP, and seeing as the standards seem to just get better ive stuck with them and their impeccable emcees.


Yeah, me and my mate are just looking to see what we can make of it, fun shit you know, about our lives not making up some gangsta shit which doesnt apply to us


Cigarette by Fort Minor, the lyrics are true dude, so true






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