Big respect to everyone and anyone who is a member for having some of the dope-est taste in music ever, but I gotta question, wheres the support from> Im from the UK, and for real we have no decent rappers on the scene at the moment. Dizee and that faggot tinie tempah just dont cut it, and im one of the few people i know that knows of Celph, Vinnie P, AOTP, Demigodz , SOB, GBC and the whole fucking underground scene in general , anyways im guessing everyone else is pourin it on from the US yeah?


Beta Tested

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K, man I'll peep it when you get it up. And no problem about the recommendations, like I said, I'm a fan first, so I love sharing my artist with people
Cheers man, good to have someone ready to throw some cards down regarding how it sounds and shit. You know Kool Keith? Listen to Diesel Power by the prodigy, he rips that track up!

Lol, I'm aware of Kool Keith, but surprisingly, I haven't peeped his stuff, I know he was in Ultramagnetic MCs but that's because Freddie Foxxx dissed them back in '93. I'll check out that prodigy track too.


Two other really dope emcees are El Fudge (I'm obsessed with "Rockin It" and "One Fudge") and Mr. Complex (he has a track against violence called "Extra Extra". His most known track is probably "Underground Up" but my personal favorite is "Why Don't Cha"). They Did a track together called New York Minute Also

celph and elfudge did stuff together on the gatalog
Yeah "The Final Word" and Him and Complex were on "Forever" as well, I totally forgot thanks for reminding me
The Gatalog is good, I find some of it a bit hit and miss mind. An awesome collection though none the less
Yo, have u checked out Rhyme Asylum? ther from london. Sick ass group. Its too bad they cant afford to make another album...

Disappointed to see another UK denizen with so little knowledge on UK hip-hop.


Dizzee and Tinie-Tempah obviously aren't hip-hop. Like Reverand Glock said, Phi-Life Cypher are dope. But the greatest of the UK are the Orphans of Kush, Cyrus Malachi, M9, theres plenty out there bro. The P Brothers are from my city, Nottingham! And have worked with Roc Marcy and people. Open your eyes and recognize (and support) home grown talent.

Old post, ive been looking around for it alot more now!



What have you discovered?
Mainly what Rev. Glock recommended
Hey beta tested check out rhyme asylum theyre an amazing rap group from london






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