Big respect to everyone and anyone who is a member for having some of the dope-est taste in music ever, but I gotta question, wheres the support from> Im from the UK, and for real we have no decent rappers on the scene at the moment. Dizee and that faggot tinie tempah just dont cut it, and im one of the few people i know that knows of Celph, Vinnie P, AOTP, Demigodz , SOB, GBC and the whole fucking underground scene in general , anyways im guessing everyone else is pourin it on from the US yeah?


Beta Tested

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I will do!
yo everyone needs to suk a dik if u aint listened to celph since 98!  fo real!! wack ass phony ass fake ass wanna be underground hip hop faggots can get a dick!  heres a mutha fuckin grenade for all yall.  listen to celph titled!!!
What the hell was that. Everyone here listens to Celph man ...

Also Lowkey ... got into him , blew my fucking mind!






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