Step Correctly


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Celph Titled & Buckwild
"Step Correctly"
Nineteen Ninety Now
(c) 2010 No Sleep Recordings

[Verse One]
I'm from the Gunshine State, so my gun must shine
I'm tryin' to impregnate Beyonce's sister just one mo' time
So, take a toke of this, you won't be breathin' well
I'm all about biscuits and trees like a Keebler elf
I snuff bikers, give a fuck, ride a
Unicycle with plush tires right thru the offices of Ruff Ryders
Here's a thug reminder, a goon quick tip
You belong in the ladies room cause you be on some bitch shit
I'll never stop writin' rhymes like this (cuz)
Show you what a point blank shot to ya ribs (does)
You seen the holes those shells made? You a hotel maid
Cause all you do is fold and that's so gay
I tried to kick a field goal
I missed the ball, my show flew off and hit you in the fuckin' head with a steel toe
For real though I got this underground bullshit
Wrapped around my finger, not a rapper or a singer
That's quite as ill as I am, pop out your eyes and
Scramble them bitches next to the bacon in my fryin' pan
I was a stick up kid, it was fucked up but fun
(Why?) cause I used a Nintendo Duck Hunt gun

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
"Ya step to me, better step correctly
Cause I'mma break ya jaw if you disrespect me"

[Bridge Vocal Loop] [x4]
"Get on the mic, get on the mic, god damnit!"

[Verse Two]
Pull up right next to you at the drive-thru
I ain't here to buy food, stupid, no tellin' what I might do
Lick a shot, speed off with the perfect timin'
Yeah the tires Screech, no it ain't Dustin Diamond
You fuckin' suck at rhymin', weak imposters
I been iller, you're Ben Stiller, it's time to meet the Fockers
If you don't greet me proper
I'mma slam your head muthafuckin' face down flat into a greasy saucer
Pass the cheese and salsa, I'm makin' nachos
I told you we gon' make it rain, so bitch bring a poncho (bring a poncho)
I'm the best at war, that's what the Heckler for
Play me like it's chess and I'll smack you with a checkerboad
You should check my repoire (it's quite impressive, baby)
This year I'm eatin' real meals (like veal with extra gravy)
You was an extra for a lady in a cheap film
In a nasty scene that left the camera lens with skeet film
Without a doubt, yeah we know what you're about
You love sausage so much, when you talk you spit sauerkraut
Yeah.. Haha..
When you talk, you spit sauerkraut out ya mouth (beeotch!)

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
"Ya step to me, better step correctly
Cause I'mma break ya jaw if you disrespect me"

[Outro Bridge]
If you're gonna step, step correctly
I got the microphone skills God's blessed me
So if you're gonna step, step correctly
Mista Sinista, tell 'em who I'm gon' get to have the best beats

[Scratch Outro]
"Then I get Buckwild wit ya!"





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