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Celph Titled & Buckwild
"Swashbuckling (featuring Apathy, Ryu & Esoteric)"
Nineteen Ninety Now
(c) 2010 No Sleep Recordings

[Movie Sample Intro]
"I hold onto the gun.
Why should he hold onto the gun?
Cause I already got it, muthafucka!"

[Scratched Vocal]
"Apathy attacks like asteroids and avalanches"

[Verse One] [Apathy:]
Welcome to hell, I'm Lucifer's lieutenant
In the School of Hard Knocks, I'm the superintendent
Treat a hoe like a hoe, why would you get offended?
When 90-percent of y'all are all stupid and pregnant
Buncha freaks hotter than summer heat, no wonder brothas creep
Pick up lines work when she's slower than a Southern beat
I'm livin' proof I can get in these booths
And make rappers turn pussy, I'mma give 'em a douche
My shit is the truth, Northface and Timberland boots
I'm '92 Tupac readin' scripts for 'Juice', yeeaahh
You got the cash? I'mma rob ya ass, stick you with a stockin' mask
(You out for the dough?!!) C'mon, you gotta ask?
I'm good with the guns, good with the funds, run or your shit'll get done
Riddle your body with metal, get rid of the evidence 'fore the detectives come
So clear a path for the bully in a bulldozer
Booby-trap the trunk with a pump in case I'm pulled over

[Movie Sample Transition]
"You're welcome, you're all welcome!"

[Scratch Vocal]
"The fuck you wanna do? Come and see Ryu"

[Verse Two] [Ryu:]
Lord have mercy, these dudes are dookie
I don't even wanna hear it, please somebody shoot me
Put me out of my misery quick, I am through givin' a shit
I am officially on a mission from a different planet
And solar system with some nerdy equipment
I got the Faggotron cannon pointed at your position
So quick and efficient, come have a listen for yourself
Take a peek in my kitchen, you better loosen up your belt
More flavor than a frickin' rotisserie chicken
Who left the mic on? Holy shit, jiminy crickets
I am an icon, turn the lights on when I finish
I treat beats like a pipe bomb and I just lit it
Fuck your Ipod and every trash rapper that's in it
Come snuggle with a python, it's fun for minutes
It's been a lifelong dream, now I'm seein' the fruit
The DGZ killin' machine, the R-Y-U, suck it!

[Vocal Sample Transition]
"If y'all came here to a show, we want everyboy cooperation..
In the place tonight.."

[Scratch Vocal]
"It's Esoteric...What'd you expect?"

[Verse Three] [Esoteric:]
Ayo, ready set, machete rep, fly kid that'll never jet
The coolest tattoo-less muthafucka that you ever met
You got the nerve to spit about how you murder clicks and bust guns
But those are just two other words for tits
And cock hammers, those are just two other words for dicks
And for a couple clowns like y'all it seems that's a perfect fit
It's like "Make yourself a dang ques-a-dilla"
I'm drunk off this Buckwild shit, don't let me near that case of Dilla
Shay's a chiller, lady killer, for-reala, erase your villa
I'm Freddy, Jason, Godzilla, I'm devastation Atilla
Y'all cats be outta bars like you're fresh from jail
The only karats {carrots} y'all be holding's for ya son's lunch pail
I unveil the unreal, a done deal, you punks fail
Shit, we go in on beats like y'all go in on 2-for-1 sales
And I assume you know my man Celph'll ruin ya
Peace from the Pterodactyl, y'all be Dinosaur Jr's and I'm out

[Movie Sample Transition]
"Believe me sir, he's not human!
And are you aware the he tortured them with a refinement of cruelty"

[Scratch Vocal]
"Celph Titled's known as a gangsta to some"

[Verse Four] [Celph Titled:]
Fuck a bitch, I'm on some borderline rape shit
I'm puttin' one in the oven and it ain't a fuckin' Duncan Hines cake mix
I will put a few stacks on ya spine
You are a money back guarantee, plus I'm out my mind
Where's the catering service? I need to feed to my ego
Sit at home, smoke, collect checks and eat Doritos
Drive around in a 60-thousand dollar car
Douse ya maw & paw, got at least 60 gallons more
Manipulate metaphors, I am rhymin' raw
I am the Human Torch, of course I got firearms
So henceforth, what you say is irrelevant
I'll put the metal in your chin like Kanye's skeleton
Dissengrate flesh when lead enzymes chew
(Even ya windpipe too?) Them hollows went right thru
My marksman training is ill when I clap and spark it
Use ya kid's training wheels as a practice target





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