Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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"Parker Brothers say my name yall start to stutter...
Slicing pussies im a certified carpet cutter" - Dump the Clip

"Its a muthafuckin party in here, We tend to get big.
Stabb you in the leg with a shuvel...
Have a shindig" - S.O.B - CanNot Fuck With Us

"There ain't a thing that you can do to stop us from gettin' paper
We robbin' hip hop and comin' back for more later
Hog haters need to stop actin' pompous
Cause I'm the type to knock a conscious rapper unconscious
The most beautifullest thing in this world Is a bitch with black eyes and a new saloon curl
Talk shit, I'll break your jaw instantly And flip you the bird to add insult to injury
MC's front like labels be after them
I don't brush my teeth, my plaque's already platinum
I never liked skinny hoes put some meat on your bones
And for those that don't know I'd even fuck Queen Latifah
Stick my dick between her Jiggle them jelly rolls and leave a cum puddle in her belly hole
I don't discriminate ma Age ain't nothin' but a number,
bitch let me take off that trainin' bra" - Nut Reception first verse...

"Shine so bright, I gave the sun lessons,
Whats a Celph Titled Verse without a muthafuckin gun reference?" - Sound of the Clap

"Army of the Pharaohs, we never make love songs,
We finger fuck bitches with freddie krueger gloves on" - Swords Drawn

"Your album sells like clothes at a nudist club...
Its the dude you love that had that line about the krueger glove" - Spaz Out
Add this line too : "You couldn't Drop knowledge even if you threw an Encyclopedia off a Cliff" - Smackdown
"My clique is raw, be prepared when you meet us//
Kill an unborn baby and you still couldn't de-fetus (defeat us)" -616 Rewind
Thats another dope album "Will Rap For Food" by Cunninlynguists.. Classic IMO.
"It's a full moon and my k9's came with gray nines now you speechless with your hands up like a gay mime" S.M.D.

No doubt one of my favorite.
haha basically all the lines off this track are quotable.
"shoot up your MPC and you gon' find a few loopholes"

"wilin out, knockin out jake, breakin his jaw
now that's what the fuck i call layin down the law"
"Demons are gargoyles, lions and wizzars, we leavin em hard boiled and fryin their gizzards"
Thats what celph titled rhymin will get ya.
act like a bitch dyin get stabbed in da eye wit my scissors
Yo, I need a bitch that like to fuck wearin combat boots
Never palm the gun loose, I'm holdin it tight when I shoot
And I'm responsible, for every nigga dead in your crew
Fuck a 40 ounce, you'll be dumpin out whole kegs of brew
A couple eggs is loose, puttin my head in a noose
See me in hell with a long tail and a red suit
These feds recruit soldiers to crib my raps
You better get back, I'm leavin liquid spillin out your six-pack
Never pay for pussy, never shop at the Gap
And I even get the cock with a slap, or shot with a gat
Call me a genius, with anti-personnel landmines
M-18's, block chargers and sheet explosive expertise
Fuckin a 40-year-old mom that got fo' kids
You put your album up on eBay and got no bids
Even when I sleepwalk it's drama I get into
Wakin up with a fuckin O.J. glove and a sharp ginsu
Take a broad to Long John Silvers rockin Versace bibs
One leg up, put her in the crane like Karate Kid
DJ's treat your vinyl like wax on, wax off
I want a hoe to splack on when I whack off
Gats with numbers scratched off
Crimes can't count if they can't read 'em jackoff
Bust a cap off, that'll blow your cap off
Faggots needs protection, hope they pass the right amendment
Cause your crew's known to handle more nuts than a flight attendant
Bo$$ Hoggin






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