Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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Alright..well y'all got a lot of the good ones already, but lemmie add a a couple

After I'm done with em I leave the pussy loose/ cuz my dick is Soo big you that you can suck it from the roof!

I am fuckmaster sex no split personalities here/ I go from pimpin to being weird like outcast career... Haha Dam!

  In 9 6 I Rick with nine sixes/ that's triple six three times so imagine the evil in that

Roughen up when I swing with an uppercut/ yellin at rappers like a  megaphone with the button stuck.

I feel this next one is another cage diss lol! it's in the dealmaker!
Underground artist turning criss angel look a likes/ that's what a fag is looking like do fuck anybody that knows ya yur a coward and a poser I'm abou flows that roast you! 
 What do you guys think? 

"It don't matter if you do not get a flu shot//my shots flew"

(I also had to say that NNN was a sick freakin' album with banger after banger and NNM was an excellent bonus. And Rapid Fire...Christ that has to be one of the sickest songs just EVER)

Nineteen Ninety More

'Good Hell Hunting'

Here are 2 from Demigodz~The Godz Must Be Crazier. Don't think they've been mentioned but with that 2nd DGZ album looming...had to post some from there:

"You couldn't kick verses if you played soccer..with a bible"

'Off the Chrome'

"Certified officially, we got the ill flow//and make head lines like a corduroy pillow"

'Don't you even go there'

stuck up hoes how many times i gotta tell you right 

id rather fuck a fat bitch with big titties and cellulite

One of Celph's sickest lines that every time I hear it I say "Holy shit...how does he DO that?!":

"Pick out your coffin decor, maybe some marble and gold//and hope they write some nice words when they're carving your stone//'Here lies a noble man who got brave stuck out his chest bone//beef with Celph Titled now this grave is what he calls home' " That's fucking genius. And DC the Midi Alien with the sick beat

Murder Death Kill~The Gatalog

One more...

"Choke your crew with Army jackets and leave em fatigued"

Godz Must be Crazier~Class Clown

Definitely one of the best - super talented and creative. I laugh all the time like holy shit I get it that actually makes sense (vs. bs people i know listen to) - haha my dad and I always trip out at that verse and rap together its sick. x)

"I make Evil Knievel music; I come through stunt'in

Every verse is the same just flipped a lil sumthin sumthin

Baby I'm crazy, a crazy baby, a sick infant, born with intent to spit slick sentences with sick penmanship"


" Cause yall ain't worthy of grenades and RPG's

Slit throat, hope you float with sardines and seaweed"

AOTP- Battle Cry

Sooooo many to choose from....hmmm.

Bust 'em in:

"Hard to the motherfucking core we are:

the Federated Army of the Pharaoh Murderer Squad."

(definitely should be on a t-shirt ^^^^)


"Come down and sign up, I'm training soldiers to rhyme
Don't forget the punchline's up
Cause you ain't fucking with the gold beard Rubix Cuban nowhere
No rap is nowhere near what I just wrote here, oh yeah."

And one of my most favorite. (Top 10 for sure) <3


"I'm always gettin' a suntan on my gun hand cuz I keep the burner out
ready to blaze scorchin' lead at your fam'
so when I give you a pound, it's really 4
cuz a 45. defies gravity, liftin' you off of the floor."

Dopeee. ♥

You couldn't kick verses if you played soccer with a Bible






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