The over-the-top, bazooka wielding action star of hip hop, charismatic Floridian word master Celph Titled began his professional entrance into the rap game as a teenage lyricist and local production staple during the late 90's indie 12-inch vinyl boom. Being a member of, and producing for, a number of boundary-pushing Tampa rap crews at the time, he networked heavily to take his music worldwide and began contributing beats and rhymes to a non-stop tirade of vinyl singles during a time when the 12-inch single market was key in building a cult fan base. Now embarking on a focused solo career with over ten years of industry know-how, respect, international touring and die hard loyal fans, the "Celph"-made independent pastor of punchlines sets out to solidify his stamp on the scene as a major factor once and for all.

Celph Titled was born in Tampa, FL and grew up in the heart of Hillsborough County's rapidly expanding multicultural landscape. The product of an Ybor City Cuban-American mother and a German-Scottish father, Celph's folks always encouraged his knack for creative expression. In the 80's, young parents that videotaped all the classic videos on MTV and an uncle in a popular local rock band had a big impact on the scope of Celph's musical inspirations. "My dad used to show me all the classic videos; 'Thriller', 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' and everything else from Herbie Hancock to ZZ Top, so I was always glued to MTV. Then one day I saw a Fat Boys video it was over. I knew I loved this music," Celph recalls fondly. After penning some of his own lyrics and making beats with minimal equipment, he began recording demos in the early 90's on his uncle's 4-track machine. When asked to describe that particular time in his life, Celph states, "I knew from that point on that I wanted to be a recording artist and I never stopped chasing that goal. I was quite the mischievous kid but it soon became clear that hip hop was my calling."

Still a teen fresh out of high school, Celph's relentless hustle and talent were noticed when he was courted by an independent record company to relocate to New York City and begin working as an in-house producer and A&R. This was the move that would change his life and give him the platform to establish a name in underground hip hop. The now-defunct BUDS International and Bronx Science Records released all of Celph's early records on vinyl, including his original group, Equilibrium, and singles from career-long partner-in-rhyme, Apathy. After soaking up the NYC scene for a few years, the hard work and dues-paying finally began to pay off as publications, websites, taste-makers and even major record labels began taking notice of the pale-skinned Latino and his associates. As a leading member of two legendary crews, The Demigodz and Jedi Mind Tricks' Army of the Pharaohs collective, Celph became a fan-favorite for his standout quotable-filled performances and hard-hitting East Coast-style production featured on the crews' respective blockbuster releases. In addition, Grammy-winner Mike Shinoda, of Linkin Park fame, invited Celph to join his Los Angeles cohorts, Styles of Beyond (S.O.B.), as an official part of 2005's Fort Minor project, released on Linkin Park's Machine Shop/Warner Bros imprint and executive produced by Shawn Carter a/k/a Jay-Z. Aside from his appearance on that album, and his jaw-dropping verses on the industry-approved DJ Green Lantern Invasion "Fort Minor: We Major" mixtape, Mr. Titled embarked on a nationwide tour with FM in 2006. Following the tour, Celph released a unique compilation entitled, "The Gatalog." The impressive quadruple-disc set captured a long discography of Celph's guest appearances and freestyles, going all the way back to his early releases from 1998. The comp was a great success, continuing to buzz and remain a top-seller consistently, even years after its release. The word of mouth spread vigorously and it became the catalyst in generating a tidal wave of demand for a proper solo debut from Celph Titled. It was a plan that worked better than ever, as it set up the enterprising MC to have the privilege of releasing an official debut to a thriving fanbase that already viewed him as a seasoned veteran.


After the release of "The Gatalog" and a move back to his Gulf Coast hometown, Celph spent three years working with iconic 'Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.)' multi-platinum producer, Buckwild, on what would become his October 26, 2010 debut album, "Nineteen Ninety Now" on No Sleep Recordings. Spearheaded by longtime friend James "DL" Ellison, the project set out to be a first of its kind, utilizing never-before-released tracks made in 1994 and 1995 and creating new songs out of them with the stylings of present day. As a true scholar of the 90's golden era of rap, Celph explains, "This is the project I've always wanted to do. To have my debut produced by a legend like Buckwild can't be topped in my mind. My first album is always going to be looked at as a masterpiece by my fans. It reminds you of the techniques no longer used in today's hip hop and it takes you right back to that feeling, even if it's just for one album." With a critically acclaimed solo album under his belt, Celph Titled is now an independent mogul and a monster force to be reckoned with. To feed the fans' rabid appetite to be a part of his movement, he has created his own brand called Mad Ammo, which will represent not only his apparel line but also the next wing of the Demigodz/Pharaohs family.

Truly no words can do proper justice to describe the uncanny attributes of this man's character. A militant, war-savvy style inventor that can only be self-described and does whatever the f**k Celph decides.





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