First and foremost, massive respect to Celph Titled. I only just discovered he had a website, but ive been a fan for several years, and seriously, the standard of hip hop is so whack in the UK that I was so glad I got introduced to Army of the Pharoahs, and hence perhaps one of the most crude and filthy punchline rappers that have ever existed.


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Comment by Beta Tested on January 26, 2012 at 9:58am

You could only forgive my ignorance at the time of writing. You might note it was almost a year ago. I think perhaps that the problem is simple. Lack of exposure. Why is it that I should know of an underground scene from another country before that of my country of origin.

Yeah, I'll admit to that. Ashamed though I am, I can quite avidly state the mind-state has changed. The Don't Flop scene has introduced me to a lot, as has Lowkey and his works with the Poisonous Poets.

With regards to lack of exposure to what we had to offer, do you not think that's why I stated that the standard of UK hip hop was poor? You say it yourself, the good stuff is underground and locked out.

Anyways, cheers for bumping this post, that I had until now forgotten existed.

Comment by Bob Bobbobo on January 25, 2012 at 4:25pm

You're an idiot. The UK boasts one of the strongest Hip-Hop scenes outside of America, and London as a city has a superior rap scene to the majority of American cities.

If you paid closer attention to Celphs work you'd have realised that he's worked with numerous British DJ's, and sampled various British artists. Chester P and DJ Skully both come to mind.

You sound like a typical self-hating Brit, a plastic-American -- What self-respecting British person uses words like "whack"? You sounds like one of those brothers who lives in the hills and wears Fubu jerseys or something. Eat some soap, the last AOTP album was ordinary. I can name you 50 British rappers who can go bar for bar with everyone in AOTP - None as funny as Celph, but the rest of AOTP will get washed. Population size dictates that US has a stronger scene but you need to wash your mouth. Good British rap is in the same position as good US rap, underground and locked out. It disappoints me that there's still people like this around, I remember Southern(US) hip hop fans used to talk about their own scene in much the same way.

I wasn't gonna do it but I'm gonna have to par you off with some "whack" UK hip hop

Uppercut yourself - The UK scene is strong, p4p we're doing good.





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