DJ Premier gives props to "Nineteen Ninety Now" in his latest Village Voice Q&A

Check out Village Voice's latest Q&A session with the world famous DJ Premier:

Nineteen Ninety Now gets mentioned by Premier in response to a question about New York's underground scene being healthy. Thanks to Bronx-bomber superproducer Buckwild for bringing back those good old fashioned NY sonic treats.

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Comment by Moz on November 26, 2010 at 8:54am
Dope. Props to Premo for the shout outs.
Comment by Heavenly Divine on November 11, 2010 at 6:26pm
Great interview with a legend of the game, covers some interesting topics. Truth is spoken. I just wish mainstream fucking radio and tv would stop trying to pass off ass-gravy as music, and give good hip hop a chance.

If Pac or Wu Tang was around right now, unheard of, they'd NEVER break mainstream. I'll give you a good example of the mainstream fuckry. There's a British rapper(you'll hear alot of this from me, I know you're all tired of it already lol) called Lowkey. Done some work with Immortal Tech, few of you may know him. Now 2 months ago he released a track called 'Terrorist'. Without advertising, without previous commercial success, without a feature from a commercially known artist; the video has 500,000 in 7 weeks. Keep in mind this dudes British, for British artists those numbers just don't happen for someone not signed, not on tv or radio..... Then you have an artist like Chipmunk. He's a mainstream pop rapper, he's massive in the UK(but incredibly shit non the less). He's had several 'smash hits' and has collabed with alot of other big recognised artists. He's signed to a major label and is pushed insanely hard by radio and tv. He also has paid internet advertising for new tracks, cds etc. His latest track, released 6 months ago, has just short of 700,000 views.

Tell me why one of these artists is signed by the majors, and one isn't. Better yet, tell me why one is all over tv and radio, and the other isn't. Pac would be lucky to get on Koch records if he was around today. It's really not surprising so many people are disillusioned by the music industry and turning to conspiracies about reptilian zionists to explain the shit:good music ratio.

Congrats on the feature btw, i have a tendancy to ramble. Must mean alot hearing positive feedback from artists you grew up listening to and respecting.





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