dont forget to customize your profile and get it godzilla gravy

definitely make sure you go to the settings on the upper right corner user panel and change your default profile pic if you haven't already. it will get shit looking real official round here.

let's get this community flourishing, cause i'm gonna try my best to interact with my community... tell a friend to sign up... tell a bitch to sign up... tell a industry mogul to sign up so i can tell them to take their 360 deal and walk.... i get my paper from my real fans not the corporate world!!! thats how it should be for every artist ya digggggg

if it aint official gristle we aint cookin with it over here


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Let's get this shit goin. The world needs to know the Rubix Cuban.
I feel like a lot of artists don't have that close, direct interaction with their fans and for you just to be on the forums is a very cool thing. Thanks for that, Celph.

Now, let's get this shit populated.






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