Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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Crazy how he comes up with this stuff. Rawness
"explosive botanist it's obvious that I plant bombs" -Agony Fires
Turntable Science is full of mad punchlines referencing DJing.
"you can crab scratch but that's just an itch in your crotch"
"no hospitality ill just show you a hospital"
"your bitch was an asian but she sure as hell could bang-cock"
"im the complete opposite with drug fiend chicks, i know straight edge bitches that would smoke crack to suck my dick"
"throw a monkey wrench in your programme, make you go ape shit, attach your head to a launching spaceship, give you a face lift"
"who the fuck else you know, that'll run up on your block strip like an insane Christopher Columbus and start conquering shit."
"roll out the red carpet and make you blend in with it"
"lift up that skirt and see just what type of guy you are, throw you off the fucking roof to see just how fly you are"
"im a cross between c4 and c4po, explosive intelligence pack the heavy metal."
"we master of this sample surgery, with rhymes so dope they have to be heard hypodermic-ally"
"im a monster in this industry who stay scheming, on halloween i dress like a human being"
mad punchlines on the end of "rootbeer in your fridge"
"on a scale for 1-10 in approximately im 1000, stomp through your neighbourhood city or project housing.
i am something you've never seen before, like your grandparents having sex behind closed doors"
"ill find your organs, and put a machete there, thug type nigga but bitches call me a teddybear"
"and while your at work ill feed your bitch a sloppy dick, I got a harddrive and your man got a floppydisk."
"you can call the feds and the army and the fucking navy, but you cant stop a wild animal hump you with rabies, and im just that - when you sayin you got gats cocked, your whole platoon lookin like the mr softie mascot."
"im the feature presentation your rhymes are just a segment, a bitch can just look at me and get herself pregnant.
i make bustin the gat look good cos i hold it well, in second grade i brought a live grenade to class for show and tell" - i could imagine that haha, this is how you pull the pin out, and this is how I blow y'all motherfuckers up. bitch.
"start the day right, bullets and milk is my breakfast, i fuck the type of bitches that make dolly parton look breastless"
"fuck the laxatives ill beat the shit outa you, and if you pregnant ill beat the kid outa you"
"honestly the day your wax in stores taking residence, is the day we see a female black homosexual president"
"your style is a joke, correct me if im wrong, im waiting for the energizer bunny to walk though your song."

Basically every line celph dropped.

-"and niggas round my way be knowin me for havin mad quotes, but i find it funny because punchlines are just bad jokes"
Dope lyricism with patented punchline magic

"Pull up right next to you at the Drive-thru. I ain't here to buy food, stupid, no tellin' what I might do. Lookit shots speed off with the perfect timing//Yeah the tires 'Screech', no it ain't Dustin Diamond"

Step Correctly-Nineteen Ninety Now
lickin shots*
Good catch
The Bruce Willis of Rap: I Got Die Hard Fans
They be robbin' hoods, so I keep that fryer tucked
"She give em ass often, and it wasn't a myspace timestamp that she had the last log in"

"Not an assumption, and it ain't complicated man//
Cuz she gon blow, either way, like an oscillating fan"

"The damn bitch like a sandwich all stuffed n greasy//
Bust a nut in the hoagie and create a new sub-species"

-Fuckmaster Sex

LMAO! Dope lines everywhere on this one.
Album's about ready to burn out I've listened to it so many times. Ha but they keep on comin'

"You walk around like you some kinda thuggy guy//I know you ain't Diddy, but I can make you see through 'puffy' eyes"

Nineteen Ninety Now-There Will Be Blood
Celph's verse on All Night was crazy shit.

"The Demigodz stand for KILLERS, more specifically/we stand for Deadly Entertaining Ignorant Godzillas and we/never took the route them other crooks took/cause we kept recipes for human flesh in my mother's cook book"

"Apathy's insane and I'm the same as my brotha/I'm like a circus show sniper, I aim for the jugular"

"These rap verses I be breezin' through/cause I'm like a celibate, under oath - un-fuckin-believeable"
Celph has insane punchlines on basically every track, but heres my favorite at the moment.
"Lift up that skirt and see just what type of guy you are
throw you off the fuckin' roof and see just how fly you are"






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