Honestly, this is pretty easy. There are so goddamn many. I'll start it off with one from NNN:

"Can't come close, my discography's the one with the most//
  Cuz I appear on more tracks than Dale Earnhardt's ghost" -The Deal Maker

Whaat? Sick.

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*insert entire discography here*
"I'm a pimp with the essence of Lucifer,
Y'all couldn't get head if you was a guillotine executioner" - Panic
There are very, very many lines that are worth to be mentioned:

"Load the hammers in the car before I bust back
crash a bike in your face and leave you with a handle bar mustache" - Spoiled Rotten

"When I question you
I won't speak proper, I'll axe you
fuck a meat cleaver, we got heaters and mac millies
act silly?
and whitness the flame of the cannon blast
recycle your calcium and use your scar tissue to wipe my ass" - Way of the Gun

"After that sex change I gues you not the man now
cut off your arms, you're the best MC hands down" - So Cold

"I'm raw dawg relentless
the only way you represent the streets is if you got poured into the cement mix" - Right Now

"If you approach I'll murder though
my gun flip more shells than a Ninja Turtle show
this is my movie in 3D
slice your neck with a Fugees CD
and stick Lauryn Hill with the coroners bill" - The Deal Maker

"I rock promotional shirts even if the group's wack
so don't be surprised if you see your logo on my back" - Floss Filthy
There's a reason why Celph's the "World renowned king of punchlines"
"It's been said the Pharaohs immortalize rhymes//we keep heist plans in a Trapper Keeper//that's organized crime" The Torture Papers-Pull The Pins Out
"I stay diggin into pussies, whether I use my knife or I use my penis"

"I really love it when these bitches start cursing at me, its like there swearing to god, don't take it personally"
Id like to add:

"im in the bathroom with a Tommy-gun, droppin gangsta shit"

"Handgun - Automatic, Shotgun - Pump Action, Me with your wife - that's Automatic Pump Action."
dropping gangta shit that line is class
its automatic hump action foo
its not.  celphs corrected people saying its hump action on his fb page.
haha word up, y'all really keep that ear open for those lines, huh?

props to tecca n9na on quoting that handlebar mustache line. i had forgot about that shit and realized that was one of my more personal favorites.

i need to make a thread soon and list all the obscure and really slept on lines i have, that a lot of people either overlook or don't know about... let me put some thought into that when i got a minute.

but keep 'em comin!!!! snowthug shit!!!
Damn, Jon DeAraugo took my next one. Ha.

Well this one is from Diablos too:

"My dick get hard when I pull the rifle and spray shots//
And leave your whole crew shakin' worse than Michael J Fox"
This would be a never ending thread but let's keep it goin'...

"When it comes to the beef, you know I'm no stranger. Put the barrel to your head, cuz it's a real no-brainer"

Sound of the Clap-No Place Like Chrome

Celph and Apathy rip on this album






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