I really think so! Who else agrees?


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you know i aint arguing that one!!! thanks for the support brotha
I agree, you really made the hottest album for this year

Had to cope it right away
Fuck yeah. Dope album, Celph.

But really, did we expect anything less?
Nineteen ninety now is like waking up and the world of Rap making sense once again. Big ups to Celph and all the greats to make a presence on the album. Raw doesn't begin to cover it
Dope album for sure.. 2010 has been a great year for hip hop all around, Vinnie paz, Celph Titled, El Da Sensei, Necro, Ill Bill... and hopefully slaine drops his album this year, I know it got leaked so its done... Out of all these though... I still believe Celph takes the number 1 spot... Keep making music.. and put out the next damn Demigodz album!!!
If there was a like button on this shit i'd click it over and over again, should be album of the year no doubt
only album i bought this year besides unholy terror..
Haven't checked much albums this year but Vinnie Paz album is the best release I've heard.

Probably an unpopular opinion but Celph comes harder on other peoples shit imo. not too drawn on the production on NNN, probably grow on me after a few listens.
no doubt
appreciate the love, y'all. i'm hearing a lot of you say it's like the only 1 album you bought all year and that means a lot to me in this day & age. 3 grueling years to get this done, expenses, and time i had to take away from other things in my life in order to put the dedication into completing this project correctly. if you guys ever see people on the internet sharing illegal D/L links of this album or any of my official releases, please encourage them to purchase a real copy. the piracy is killing off indie artists left and right... we soldiers for this shit... godzilla generals...nothin more nothin less.
yo celph, your albums are the only ones I've ever bought in my life since I was 10, for real. I download every fucker elses.

If I were you id do my best to get your tracks off Youtube since people can convert them to Mp3...
I don't know if its worth the promotion tho...






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